Marco Chelo’s main focus lies in his role as co-owner and co-director of the New York Jazz Workshop, a venture he initiated with Marc Mommaas in December 2008. The workshop has grown into a vibrant community music school renowned for offering high-quality, affordable music classes. Beyond its core curriculum, it has expanded its reach by providing specialized outreach programs to various institutions and universities, catering to a broad audience with a passion for jazz and music education. Unique to the New York Jazz Workshop are its annual music trips to Brazil and Italy, which combine cultural immersion with music education, offering participants unparalleled experiences in rich musical landscapes. Additionally, the workshop has been instrumental in creating bespoke team-building experiences for corporate clients such as Nike, WestRock, Thompson Reuters, BlackBoard, and General Electric, showcasing the universal language of music as a powerful tool for corporate development and cohesion.

Further diversifying his portfolio, Marco has recently launched a new venture, Travel Retreats, where he organizes artistic and holistic retreats around the world. This latest project reflects Marco’s deep-seated belief in the transformative power of travel, music, and holistic practices, offering retreats designed to inspire creativity, wellness, and a profound connection with the world’s cultures and natural beauty.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, Marco has been an active participant in the music scene, collaborating with a diverse array of jazz musicians from the New York scene such as the band “Il Collettivo. For over 15 years, he has also been deeply involved with bands from the African diaspora, contributing his talents to groups led by notable musicians such as Makane Kouyate, Balla Kouyate, Yacouba Sissoko, Mamadou Konate Simbo and many others. These experiences highlight Marco’s versatile musical career and his contribution to enriching New York City’s musical landscape through regular performances with jazz and various other bands.

An avid sailor, Marco continues to explore the United States and the Caribbean aboard his 27-foot, fifty-year-old Cape Dory. His sailing adventures are documented on his website, Sailing Spaghetti and Sax, where followers can join him on his journey through captivating narratives and visuals. Through this blend of music, entrepreneurship, and adventure, Marco Chelo continues to inspire and connect with a diverse audience across the globe.