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Sailing on Anarchy a Merit 25

 Anarchy is a  Merit 25 that model is a fast boat not as wet as the J25 but as fast. A sailor in the West Coast, Paul Kamen, after making a few modifications took one of those boats all the way to Hawaii and back. I limited myself to sailing near Citi Island. Here is a video of … Read more »

A free SailBoat! Anarchy

  April 2019 I put it out there in the universe and I got It. I received a free boat. A beautiful Merit 25 sailboat was donated to me by the City Island Yacht Club in exchange for me joining the club for the next two years.  After getting my ASA 101 at the Hudson River… Read more »

The Origins – La Goletta “Aurora”

 The Origins    – Aurora One reason why I’m so in love with boating is that my father for a short period had a beutiful Schooner. My father Wilson Chelo, was a travel agent, as a business venture he took an old fishing vessel and completely rebuilt it by adding a lot of ballast to the… Read more »

Practice Sailing 1

So what does a person that wants to start sailing do? Learning to sail is a good place to start. When i grew up in Italy I learned to windsurf at the hotel Sol Palace in San Gineto Lido in Calabria, and from there small keel boats were an easy transition. Every time we went… Read more »

I want a Sailboat!

I always liked the sea but i never considered myself a sailor. Growing up in Italy, I used to windsurf and sometime I would rent a Laser or another little boat when the occasion presented itself. In addition to the windsurf and some day-sailing I had the opportunity of traveling with my wife with some… Read more »

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